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“Rendering control not found” Error in Fresh Sitecore Install

TL;DR MVC renderings don’t work with Web Form layouts and vice versa. Issue This might be a rare problem but I figured I’d share anyways. Since Sitecore v8.2.4 (170614) was recently released, I wanted to get it up and running locally and try it out. Once I had it installed,… Read more »

Sitecore Layouts with MVC Inheritance

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Part of what makes Sitecore a great platform for developers is that there is often more than one solution for a requirement.  At the presentation level, one common need is to have similar page layouts while having specific differences between templates and other situations.  You may have seen this handled… Read more »

Hiding Port in URLs Produced Sitecore’s LinkManager

Introduction There are many steps developers should take to make the most SEO-friendly web pages. One such task would be embedding a canonical URL tag. If you’re not familiar, it’s a tag included in the head of the HTML document that informs search engines what the definitive URL for a… Read more »