“Rendering control not found” Error in Fresh Sitecore Install


MVC renderings don’t work with Web Form layouts and vice versa.


This might be a rare problem but I figured I’d share anyways. Since Sitecore v8.2.4 (170614) was recently released, I wanted to get it up and running locally and try it out. Once I had it installed, I made a basic Visual Studio solution, defined an MVC controller rendering and deployed it to the new instance. When I went to use that rendering via Experience Editor, it kept throwing errors. They all had messages similar to the following:

ERROR Rendering control {2C96F312-EF7E-4362-A09E-DDFA17FD4C75} not found for ‘/sitecore/content/Home’. Item id: {110D559F-DEA5-42EA-9C1C-8A5DF7E70EF9}, database: master.

This was obviously confusing. The ID matched the rendering item I was using and confirmed it exists. Publishing shouldn’t be involved when dealing with the Experience Editor but I tried that anyways and no improvement. The only thing I could find searching on Google was this thread on the Sitecore discussion board:


The highlighted post wasn’t a direct solution but was a clue…”aspx”. What I didn’t realize was the default/sample layout new installs of Sitecore use is based on Web Forms (ie .aspx and .ascx files). Since I was using MVC, it was incompatible with the layout. I quickly threw together a layout file using a .cshtml file and an accompanying layout item in the CMS and updated the Home item to use it instead. Now the rendering worked just fine.

If you ever see this error, check that your not mixing your presentation technologies. The error message could certainly be more descriptive but until further notice, you can reference this write-up.


I’m actually surprised Sitecore’s default installation is still using Web Forms instead of MVC. Or, at the very least, having samples of both and let the developer see both in action. Developers certainly prefer MVC and I have to assume Sitecore is embracing it more each day. I want to say my most recent certification training employed MVC but I could be misremembering. For those of us interested in developing reusuable modules, it’s a little frustrating having to set up a baseline MVC presentation layer just so we can build and test our solutions but perhaps the cost of doing business.

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