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Bootstrap, AngularJS “Waiting” Button Directive

Spending more time in the server-side, “back-end” realm of web development, I love it when front-end tasks are made easy through approachable frameworks.  Which is why I like Bootstrap and AngularJS.  I know they both have their flaws and detractors but from my point-of-view, they serve a purpose and make… Read more »

Combine Fields from Different Sitecore Templates into One Field Section

On a recent project I had a project manager request functionality to support Twitter Cards for pages on the sites we were building in Sitecore.  If you look at the documentation, there are 4 different “types” of cards and each of them have different fields.  Sometimes those fields are used… Read more »

RequireJS, AngularJS and jQuery Living Together

We have a project where we are already using RequireJS to dynamically load JavaScript.  The project is on the Sitecore platform and we are bundling our renderings with their supporting client-side code.  First we call RequireJS in the head tag. Then if I have a interactive component, like a carousel,… Read more »

Sitecore Responsive Pages Through Personalization

Everyday, developers have to tackle the challenge of preparing websites and applications that work and display equally as well on multiple browsers and devices.  That’s often the responsibility of the a front-end developer through the use of CSS and JavaScript that is aware of the current environment which could mean media queries… Read more »