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Sitecore MVC Renderings with Layouts and Conditional Sections

In a previous post, I outlined a method to incorporate a common Razor mechanic (layout inheritance) to create similar page layouts while allowing for variations between different Sitecore data templates.  While it isn’t common in some circles, it was at least familiar since it is how standard MVC handle markup… Read more »

Sitecore AsyncCommand Template

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On a recent project, I’ve had to refamiliarize myself with the process of creating custom command buttons within Sitecore Content Editor.  Some existing commands our team had already defined used convention in which they passed along control to Sitecore.Context.ClientPage.Start.  What this does is allow the command to execute asynchronously without… Read more »

“Rendering control not found” Error in Fresh Sitecore Install

TL;DR MVC renderings don’t work with Web Form layouts and vice versa. Issue This might be a rare problem but I figured I’d share anyways. Since Sitecore v8.2.4 (170614) was recently released, I wanted to get it up and running locally and try it out. Once I had it installed,… Read more »

Sitecore Layouts with MVC Inheritance

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Part of what makes Sitecore a great platform for developers is that there is often more than one solution for a requirement.  At the presentation level, one common need is to have similar page layouts while having specific differences between templates and other situations.  You may have seen this handled… Read more »

Hiding Port in URLs Produced Sitecore’s LinkManager

Introduction There are many steps developers should take to make the most SEO-friendly web pages. One such task would be embedding a canonical URL tag. If you’re not familiar, it’s a tag included in the head of the HTML document that informs search engines what the definitive URL for a… Read more »

Migrate from Hedgehog’s Field Fallback to Sitecore’s Language Fallback via Powershell

I’m working on a Sitecore upgrade for a client that is looking to go from v6.6 to v8.1. There is still some hesitation from our group to move to v8.2 until there’s at least one update to work out any kinks.  I’ll probably share some more of the overall upgrade… Read more »

Combine Fields from Different Sitecore Templates into One Field Section

On a recent project I had a project manager request functionality to support Twitter Cards for pages on the sites we were building in Sitecore.  If you look at the documentation, there are 4 different “types” of cards and each of them have different fields.  Sometimes those fields are used… Read more »