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Sitecore Responsive Pages Through Personalization

Everyday, developers have to tackle the challenge of preparing websites and applications that work and display equally as well on multiple browsers and devices.  That’s often the responsibility of the a front-end developer through the use of CSS and JavaScript that is aware of the current environment which could mean media queries… Read more »

Easy and Reusable HTML Title Solution for Sitecore

Piggy-backing from my previous post, I wanted to propose a solution for something that is rather universal (every site/application needs it) but is pretty straight-forward.  It’s built on the interplay of an item representing the site as a whole with the individual pages that are served under it.  That specific… Read more »

Sitecore Root Item

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For my first post, I figured I’d start with something simple but was a recent discovery.  I’ve been using Sitecore since v6.4 (now v7.5) but this was something I didn’t know was available and still required a little tweaking before it functioned exactly the way I needed. Often you need a… Read more »